Gumby and Pokey
  • Exciting new productions and programs are being developed so stay tuned and come on board for the ride! Over the last few years, Gumby's biography, Gumby Dharma, has aired on both the Sundance Channel and PBS.
  • As one of history's original clay animated characters, Gumby has been a part of several national museums over the years.  Through June and July of this year Gumby will be highlighted by the Denver Art Museum for his contribution to the use of clay in animation.  The original "Clay Boy" will again be recognized by Denver residents for the brightness he has brought to the world over the last sixty years.
  • In the last year, our premier toy manufacturer, NJ Croce, has partnered with the Florida Educational Department to create a new program rewarding both educators and students alike.  Under the banner of "Stretch for Excellence," both educators and students are recognized for their superior performance with both certificates and gumby bendables with the "Stretch for Excellence" insignia.  NJ Croce's customized Gumbies have gone out to numerous banks, insurance companies and sports teams, and the enthusiasm continues to build.  We are always continuing to look for new partners in those areas.
  • Our gumby costumes have been an outstanding success at retail over the last two years and are expected to hit new record sales in the coming year.  As always has been the case, Gumby apparel is an outstanding performer at Kohl's, Target and outlets in Australia.  We look forward to a record year ahead.

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